Event #011 Results

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Totals for All Teams

Total DistanceAverage per Leg
173.75 Mi3.55 Mi


Team Name# of Legs CompletedCurrent Total Distance
St. Helens Bad Acetabulums421.20 Mi
TAI Marketing Dept421.10 Mi
St. Helens Team 2418.16 Mi
Clackamas416.00 Mi
Avengers415.00 Mi
Team Jeff's Army412.00 Mi
Cedar Hill Betties412.00 Mi
CHPT Motion Magnets411.20 Mi
Wilsonville411.07 Mi
Move With East PDX210.26 Mi
Happy Go Getters410.01 Mi
TAI Oregon City49.00 Mi
Oak Grove OGs26.50 Mi
Dailey Family10.25 Mi

Team Progress

Team NameLeg 1Leg 2Leg 3Leg 4Grand Total
Avengers3.00 Mi4.00 Mi3.00 Mi5.00 Mi15.00 Mi
Cedar Hill Betties3.00 Mi3.00 Mi3.00 Mi3.00 Mi12.00 Mi
CHPT Motion Magnets3.50 Mi2.50 Mi2.20 Mi3.00 Mi11.20 Mi
Clackamas3.00 Mi5.00 Mi4.00 Mi4.00 Mi16.00 Mi
Dailey Family0.25 Mi0.25 Mi
Happy Go Getters2.61 Mi3.00 Mi2.00 Mi2.40 Mi10.01 Mi
Move With East PDX5.40 Mi4.86 Mi10.26 Mi
Oak Grove OGs3.00 Mi3.50 Mi6.50 Mi
St. Helens Bad Acetabulums9.20 Mi3.50 Mi4.50 Mi4.00 Mi21.20 Mi
St. Helens Team 24.40 Mi4.00 Mi3.30 Mi6.46 Mi18.16 Mi
TAI Marketing Dept12.00 Mi3.10 Mi3.20 Mi2.80 Mi21.10 Mi
TAI Oregon City2.00 Mi2.00 Mi2.00 Mi3.00 Mi9.00 Mi
Team Jeff's Army3.00 Mi3.00 Mi3.00 Mi3.00 Mi12.00 Mi
Wilsonville2.30 Mi3.70 Mi2.50 Mi2.57 Mi11.07 Mi