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Totals for All Teams

Total DistanceAverage per RiderTotal Ride Elevation Gain (in feet)
913.80 Mi20.31 Mi42,234 Ft

Team Totals

Team Name# of Riders ReportingCurrent Total DistanceTotal Ride Elevation Gain (in feet)
MEGAapolis6141.90 Mi3,344 Ft
Team SedoGnar4134.10 Mi18,279 Ft
Ridin Solo4125.50 Mi6,630 Ft
QuarenTread4110.00 Mi2,950 Ft
Sorella Forte4108.10 Mi5,541 Ft
Corona Grinds My Gears4103.00 Mi3,720 Ft
Team Omaha451.00 Mi4 Ft
Absolute Hell On Wheels446.00 Mi0 Ft
Tiny Riders, big thunder436.70 Mi6 Ft
Bobcats in blue425.00 Mi0 Ft
Team Solo Brad122.50 Mi1,740 Ft
TRK210.00 Mi20 Ft

Team Progress

Team Name#1 Distance#1 Elevation#2 Distance#2 Elevation#3 Distance#3 Elevation#4 Distance#4 ElevationTotal DistanceTotal Elevation
Absolute Hell On Wheels10.00 Mi0 Ft10.00 Mi0 Ft13.00 Mi0 Ft13.00 Mi0 Ft46.00 Mi0 Ft
Bobcats in blue5.00 Mi0 Ft5.00 Mi0 Ft6.50 Mi0 Ft8.50 Mi0 Ft25.00 Mi0 Ft
Corona Grinds My Gears15.00 Mi640 Ft33.00 Mi1,170 Ft31.00 Mi1,150 Ft24.00 Mi760 Ft103.00 Mi3,720 Ft
MEGAapolis34.00 Mi783 Ft33.70 Mi783 Ft53.60 Mi1,778 Ft20.60 Mi0 Ft141.90 Mi3,344 Ft
QuarenTread27.00 Mi670 Ft34.00 Mi810 Ft28.00 Mi890 Ft21.00 Mi580 Ft110.00 Mi2,950 Ft
Ridin Solo38.50 Mi1,630 Ft28.00 Mi1,470 Ft38.00 Mi2,370 Ft21.00 Mi1,160 Ft125.50 Mi6,630 Ft
Sorella Forte31.80 Mi2,840 Ft25.20 Mi644 Ft24.50 Mi1,857 Ft26.60 Mi200 Ft108.10 Mi5,541 Ft
Team Omaha15.00 Mi1 Ft15.00 Mi1 Ft20.00 Mi1 Ft1.00 Mi1 Ft51.00 Mi4 Ft
Team SedoGnar33.60 Mi4,385 Ft38.10 Mi4,274 Ft31.20 Mi4,810 Ft31.20 Mi4,810 Ft134.10 Mi18,279 Ft
Team Solo Brad22.50 Mi1,740 Ft22.50 Mi1,740 Ft
Tiny Riders, big thunder5.20 Mi1 Ft15.00 Mi3 Ft12.00 Mi1 Ft4.50 Mi1 Ft36.70 Mi6 Ft
TRK5.00 Mi10 Ft5.00 Mi10 Ft10.00 Mi20 Ft