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Totals for All Teams

Total DistanceAverage per Runner
161.52 Mi3.23 Mi

Team Totals

Team Name# of Legs ReportedCurrent Total Distance
Expert Ball Handlers315.15 Mi
Team Zachary 312.47 Mi
Born Order312.46 Mi
Arriving Soon Joon312.14 Mi
e-LEMON-ators311.90 Mi
ThisISOurFirstRodeo311.07 Mi
Kiss My Mask!311.01 Mi
Bust a Bucket: Team Phillips39.99 Mi
Team SEK39.54 Mi
Queen Bees39.03 Mi
Heppner Hustle39.00 Mi
Hoopla Royalty38.82 Mi
Three Maskateers37.72 Mi
Quaranqueens37.72 Mi
Private Eyes36.50 Mi
Shagadelics35.00 Mi
Q for a Cure22.00 Mi

Team Progress

Team NameLeg #1Leg #2Leg #3Grand Total
Arriving Soon Joon3.00 Mi4.57 Mi4.57 Mi12.14 Mi
Born Order2.86 Mi6.01 Mi3.59 Mi12.46 Mi
Bust a Bucket: Team Phillips3.33 Mi3.33 Mi3.33 Mi9.99 Mi
e-LEMON-ators4.52 Mi4.18 Mi3.20 Mi11.90 Mi
Expert Ball Handlers4.40 Mi6.66 Mi4.09 Mi15.15 Mi
Heppner Hustle3.45 Mi2.25 Mi3.30 Mi9.00 Mi
Hoopla Royalty3.50 Mi3.07 Mi2.25 Mi8.82 Mi
Kiss My Mask!3.90 Mi3.01 Mi4.10 Mi11.01 Mi
Private Eyes2.30 Mi2.10 Mi2.10 Mi6.50 Mi
Q for a Cure1.00 Mi1.00 Mi2.00 Mi
Quaranqueens2.84 Mi2.80 Mi2.08 Mi7.72 Mi
Queen Bees2.97 Mi3.03 Mi3.03 Mi9.03 Mi
Shagadelics2.00 Mi1.00 Mi2.00 Mi5.00 Mi
Team SEK3.18 Mi3.18 Mi3.18 Mi9.54 Mi
Team Zachary 2.95 Mi4.49 Mi5.03 Mi12.47 Mi
ThisISOurFirstRodeo3.69 Mi2.75 Mi4.63 Mi11.07 Mi
Three Maskateers2.84 Mi2.80 Mi2.08 Mi7.72 Mi