May 3, 2020

Together, on a team, alone.

Relay #004 Specifics

This virtual fun event is designed for all (walkers, runners, skippers, etc).

  • Teams size is 4 or 8 humans
  • The event is eight individual legs
  • Each leg is 45min in duration
  • Starting time is 8:00 am PST on May 3, 2020

The charity of choice for this event is #FirstRespondersFirst. Fundraising is encouraged for all teams.

Each Team Captain self-organizes your team.

How you choose to virtually pass the baton is up to you.

Among your team, we encourage you to interact, share photos, silliness, failures, and accomplishment.

At the end of the event,  we will reveal team stats and we will celebrate our accomplishments, virtually.

And most importantly, practice great social distancing.

Virtual Bib

A customized team name will be emailed to the team captain.

This Event is Fundraising For

As many of us in the workforce are being asked to serve public health by stepping back and staying home, one population is being tasked to step forward.

Our frontline health workers are the first responders in the fight against the coronavirus. And they are lacking even rudimentary resources as they risk their own health and endure burnout, exhaustion, and many other challenges on our behalf.

These health professionals will also be our guides and community allies on the road to our full recovery as a healthy nation.

They’re taking care of us. We need to help take care of them.