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Totals for All Teams

Total DistanceAverage per Leg
1237.49 Mi6.62 Mi


Team Name# of Legs CompletedCurrent Total Distance
Shelter n Pace868.63 Mi
The Balshers863.74 Mi
Stark Street 2863.67 Mi
Flu Fighters863.07 Mi
Fo Shoe862.31 Mi
Distance Social Club: West Coast Charter961.25 Mi
Friends of Fauci860.82 Mi
JET RAM858.60 Mi
Jiggle, Jiggle855.50 Mi
No Connecticutting Corners854.05 Mi
Should be fit, but we just lit852.65 Mi
The Marshmellows852.04 Mi
Team Soulo851.41 Mi
There's a Snake in my Boot851.15 Mi
Mom Needs a Quarantini850.70 Mi
AdiProcure849.52 Mi
Detox Retox847.74 Mi
Road Runners847.53 Mi
Merbabes845.96 Mi
Runrunrun845.28 Mi
The corona coasters842.52 Mi
We are the DDEV840.35 Mi
Awesome Geezers926.70 Mi
The Palomas122.30 Mi

Team Progress

Team NameLeg 1Leg 2Leg 3Leg 4Leg 5Leg 6Leg 7Leg 8Grand Total
AdiProcure8.96 Mi4.40 Mi7.35 Mi4.00 Mi6.54 Mi5.00 Mi6.24 Mi7.03 Mi49.52 Mi
Awesome Geezers5.80 Mi2.90 Mi2.90 Mi2.90 Mi2.90 Mi2.90 Mi2.90 Mi3.50 Mi26.70 Mi
Detox Retox6.95 Mi5.95 Mi5.49 Mi4.86 Mi5.60 Mi6.40 Mi5.38 Mi7.11 Mi47.74 Mi
Distance Social Club: West Coast Charter6.16 Mi7.48 Mi6.19 Mi7.14 Mi7.00 Mi13.35 Mi7.77 Mi6.16 Mi61.25 Mi
Flu Fighters8.45 Mi9.40 Mi7.75 Mi9.16 Mi6.26 Mi8.74 Mi6.28 Mi7.03 Mi63.07 Mi
Fo Shoe8.18 Mi8.38 Mi8.10 Mi7.29 Mi8.38 Mi7.21 Mi5.82 Mi8.95 Mi62.31 Mi
Friends of Fauci6.41 Mi7.24 Mi9.86 Mi7.69 Mi5.17 Mi8.16 Mi7.64 Mi8.65 Mi60.82 Mi
JET RAM6.59 Mi6.67 Mi7.30 Mi6.25 Mi7.96 Mi9.12 Mi8.11 Mi6.60 Mi58.60 Mi
Jiggle, Jiggle6.70 Mi6.20 Mi5.58 Mi7.52 Mi6.80 Mi6.86 Mi7.29 Mi8.55 Mi55.50 Mi
Merbabes5.90 Mi5.00 Mi4.34 Mi5.67 Mi6.04 Mi6.34 Mi6.59 Mi6.08 Mi45.96 Mi
Mom Needs a Quarantini7.60 Mi5.16 Mi6.28 Mi7.41 Mi6.45 Mi6.29 Mi5.30 Mi6.21 Mi50.70 Mi
No Connecticutting Corners6.80 Mi5.30 Mi5.80 Mi6.29 Mi8.02 Mi8.79 Mi6.20 Mi6.85 Mi54.05 Mi
Road Runners5.89 Mi6.59 Mi6.93 Mi5.49 Mi4.38 Mi5.61 Mi6.23 Mi6.41 Mi47.53 Mi
Runrunrun7.20 Mi7.03 Mi6.14 Mi5.79 Mi5.63 Mi4.02 Mi6.07 Mi3.40 Mi45.28 Mi
Shelter n Pace8.94 Mi8.71 Mi7.59 Mi8.65 Mi9.03 Mi8.00 Mi8.98 Mi8.73 Mi68.63 Mi
Should be fit, but we just lit6.06 Mi6.62 Mi6.10 Mi7.17 Mi5.61 Mi6.63 Mi7.36 Mi7.10 Mi52.65 Mi
Stark Street 26.30 Mi5.76 Mi8.46 Mi9.07 Mi8.60 Mi8.24 Mi9.21 Mi8.03 Mi63.67 Mi
Team Soulo6.66 Mi6.06 Mi6.38 Mi5.60 Mi7.78 Mi6.00 Mi5.92 Mi7.01 Mi51.41 Mi
The Balshers7.33 Mi8.21 Mi8.75 Mi7.87 Mi7.39 Mi6.88 Mi8.39 Mi8.92 Mi63.74 Mi
The corona coasters6.10 Mi3.10 Mi6.00 Mi1.93 Mi7.09 Mi6.20 Mi6.10 Mi6.00 Mi42.52 Mi
The Marshmellows6.10 Mi7.90 Mi7.60 Mi8.00 Mi6.20 Mi5.49 Mi6.33 Mi4.42 Mi52.04 Mi
The Palomas22.30 Mi22.30 Mi
There's a Snake in my Boot6.19 Mi9.60 Mi5.59 Mi4.01 Mi5.19 Mi7.40 Mi5.70 Mi7.47 Mi51.15 Mi
We are the DDEV4.83 Mi4.70 Mi7.07 Mi7.01 Mi5.10 Mi5.54 Mi2.53 Mi3.57 Mi40.35 Mi