April 5, 2020

Going the Social Distance Relay Race

Race together, on a team of 8, alone.

Runners, walkers, all are welcomed.

Relay #001 Specifics

  • Teams are made up of 8 humans, unlimited dogs
  • Each leg of the relay is 45min in duration
  • Starting time is 8:00 am PST on April 5, 2020

Each Team Captain self-organizes your team.

How you choose to virtually pass the baton is up to you.

Among your team, we encourage you to interact, share photos, silliness, failures, and accomplishment.

At the end of the race,  we will reveal team stats and we will celebrate our accomplishments, virtually.

And most importantly, practice great social distancing.


There are a lot of organizations in our communities in need. Vulnerable seniors are at the greatest risk amid COVID-19. Local Meals on Wheels programs are on the front lines every day, focused on doing all they can to keep older Americans safe and nourished in communities across the country.

And while you are at it, call a family member today, too.

Virtual Bib

Your Team Name will appear where it says “Team Name”

Event #001 Bib

Post Relay